Inner Space Exploration

Stay Put And Read — The Future Is Mental

Want to know how to solve the carbon emission crisis?

Stephen Reza
Feb 3, 2022


Photo by Windows on Unsplash

All this Mars talk and outer space debate is just a distraction

The Future Is Mental, we don’t need to go anywhere

We just need to connect our minds

Wherever we want to go, we can be there

I know it sounds simplistic

And overtly fantastical

The longer I think on it the more it makes sense

Yes, we will need to ship goods

To other planets, if we’re doing trade with them

Just imagine the internet

Wirelessly connecting with other planets

For communication and for energy transfer

It’s not far off to think

Those spaceships will be obsolete

Before we even figure out how to do them properly



Stephen Reza

A lifelong student of the mysteries of life. Self-taught and self-directed author, entrepreneur, and aspiring polymath.