Transformational Freeverse

No Ordinary Grape

Being Crushed By A Golem, continued

Stephen Reza
Feb 3, 2022


Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

I can feel the weight pressing down on me

Like a giant foot

So large I can’t even perceive

What it’s attached to

Like Jack’s Giant

Despite the pressure

I am holding on

Holding my own, holding out

Persisting, calmly

Surprisingly so

The pressure is squishing me like a grape

And I’m shedding the skin

And emerging as new fruit.

A fruit capable of meditation, astral travel

Toward the face of the Giant

And look!

“But I can feel him under my foot,

He’s still there! How is he facing me?”

Well, it’s not an ordinary grape

You’re standing on.



Stephen Reza

A lifelong student of the mysteries of life. Self-taught and self-directed author, entrepreneur, and aspiring polymath.