Garden Alchemy

Alchemy means that everything can become something greater, indeed it must

Life lessons learned from my garden

Stephen Reza
3 min readJan 4, 2022


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There are few things more satisfying than seeing a seed you plant grow into something wonderful. And they are all wonderful. This can be interpreted literally or figuratively, as you like.

Every year brings a new beginning. Take what you learned from last time and go forward and do better than last time. The winter is long, and it may seem like nothing could endure the darkness, but behold, everything lives again. This is the inception of primordial religion.

The spirit of life of nature has a rhythm, lives, and breathes in and around us. We can nudge it along according to our will, but it’s going to do what it’s meant to do. There is a metaphor for life in there. Our input is and isn’t that important: it’s a paradox.

Nature has everything figured out. We can only very gently modify things to achieve what we want from them without making a complete mess out of it. We are part of nature, we are nature, but we have convinced (or deluded) ourselves into believing that we are somehow separate from it; so as to falsely believe that we have mastery over it.

ABUNDANCE is Nature’s Way — one thing will always become many, with only slight nurturing and guidance in the proper environment. A tiny seed becomes a beautiful plant, and that plant makes many seeds of potential, ad infinitum.

Nothing is wasted — failed attempts will fuel future progress — whether from increased knowledge of what not to do or from the remnants of past attempts. There are no mistakes or coincidences.

Creation comes from destruction — which is comforting when you see your carefully laid plans get ruined, knowing that something better will arise from the leftovers.

Take your time. Everything has a time and a season — overeagerness accomplishes very little but exhaustion.

Success doesn’t happen as a result of grand gestures, but from consistent care, maintenance, and allowing things to happen on their own time.

The real magic happens in the preparations: the dreaming, the planning, the steps taken to…



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